Under this head you will find an archive of our own historical research, except architectural history (for which see Buildings). We have been careful to include cross-references to other people's research, wherever relevant, and have also listed the historical resources on which we, and any other interested persons, can draw to expand the archive. We realize, of course, that the documents shown here are only a beginning.

    Since the material we have collected is already considerable, you will find, under General History,a convenient summary of the District's origins and subsequent development. Special   Topics is a section devoted to more detailed essays on any aspect of district life that seemed worth investigating. Under Biographies you will find biographical sketches of remarkable people who either resided in the District or had a close connection with it. The Oral Histories , collected by us from long-time residents, record not only their individual lives but life in the District as they have experienced it.

    Finally, there is a District  Chronology, to which we are continually adding, and a list of relevant Historical  Resources -- books, libraries, government records, etc. -- with some hints on how to set about using them.


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