Bordered on all four sides by major traffic arteries, the McGee-Spaulding District has nevertheless remained an oasis of quiet. This fortunate circumstance has enabled it to support a variety of institutions over a long period. There are currently five places of worship, three schools, and two specialized residential facilities. The older institutions have either adapted successfully to the District’s changing population or attracted new institutions of the same general type. Almost from the first, the District’s stability has been aided by a strong institutional presence.

     Diversity of population, so often a destabilizing factor, would seem, in our case, to have been the opposite. The District’s places of worship bear witness: in addition to a venerable Catholic church, there is an orthodox synagogue, a Lutheran church, a Buddhist monastery, and (the most recent addition) a Pentecostal assembly (see Places of Worship).  Of the schools, two are private and one public; all date back half a century or more. Until quite recently, there were two Catholic schools, a girls’ high school and an elementary school, with even longer histories. Overall, the District can claim to have played a pioneering role in Berkeley education (see  Schools).

    Finally, a large and well-appointed residential facility, part of a statewide chain that provides assisted living for seniors, offers further evidence of the District's reputation as a haven (see Residential).

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