Walking  tours and the preparations that go into them are an occasional but important part of MSHHIG’s activities.  By the end of 2009, we had conducted three such tours of the McGee-Spaulding District. Two of them were sponsored by the Berkeley Historical Society (BHS), which generously subsidized the printing and copying of our tour handouts.

     The purpose of this section is, first, to provide a  record of these tours, with their handouts; and second, to suggest what does and does not make for a successful tour (see Earlier Walks). In this way we hope to encourage residents of other historic districts to organize their own walks without repeating our mistakes.

The third tour was the one that required the most preparation; it was also the most successful. We learned to appreciate the connection between preparation and success. The research that went into the tour handout has greatly increased our (and, we hope others’) appreciation of our District (see 2008: the BHS Anniversary  Walk).

     Self-guided tours, of course, can be undertaken by yourself at any time, and we are fortunate to have two newly researched ones, published by the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association (BAHA). You can also plan your own mini-tours, to be taken while walking the dog, etc. (see In Your Neighborhood). Our Google map should help.

     Finally, since the Bay Area’s excellent climate facilitates year-round walking of all kinds, we have appended a list of organizations that regularly sponsor walks of architectural and historic interest (see Other Tour Organizers). We hope this list will grow.

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